The Leadership Woman with Jill Saville
#27 -Daniel Matkovits - Leading with Curiosity

#27 -Daniel Matkovits - Leading with Curiosity

June 21, 2021

Immigration to the UK is a much discussed topic at the moment and in this latest podcast, Daniel talks candidly about growing up as the child of a Hungarian father and German mother in a time when if was possible to thrive.

He talks of the importance of understanding who you are. In following your intuition and interests rather than a career plan to a role that may not exist in the future.

A passionate advocate of the need to change to create a sustainable future, he is developing a startup in Luxembourg to help GenZ understand finance.

#26 The 4 Agreements - 1Be Impeccable with your Word.

#26 The 4 Agreements - 1Be Impeccable with your Word.

June 14, 2021

Have you read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz?

It's a useful book in the personal/leadership growth arena which I have used in  leadership roundtables. The simplicity of the theory belies the difficulty in putting these agreements into practice.  Ruiz (from ancient Toltec wisdom) is convinced that these 4 agreements are all you need to transform your lives.

Listen to the first agreement - BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD.





#25 - Find the 3 Gifts from adversity with PQ

#25 - Find the 3 Gifts from adversity with PQ

June 7, 2021

Do you spend your life looking for things you've lost?

In this episode I focus on how we can turn a challenge into a gift or opportunity using the Three Gifts technique from Positive Intelligence.

I am open about being an imperfect human who doesn't always see the point of being organised until hit by a 'disaster!'

#24 - Leadership Topics

#24 - Leadership Topics

May 31, 2021

This week I thought I would give you an insight on the topics that I have been reading, discussing or thinking about over this last week.

1 ARTICLE - Flex working post covid. IMD Sam Smethers

2 HOW TO STOP RUMINATING - How Women Rise Sally Helgesen & Marshall Goldsmith


4 EYE ON THE FUTURE -  Post Growth - Life after Capitalism - Tim Jackson

#23 - FULL INTERVIEW - Marcus Ball - on taking Boris Johnson to court for lying

#23 - FULL INTERVIEW - Marcus Ball - on taking Boris Johnson to court for lying

May 23, 2021

For those who like to hear the whole interview unbroken, here it is.

What brought Marcus to decide that enough was enough? He could stand the lies from politicians no more - he would take Boris Johnson to court for lying!  

Hear about how he began, what kept him going and the potentially explosive documentary due this autumn 2021.

#22 - Part 2 - Marcus Ball - Another court case for LYING IN POLITICS?

#22 - Part 2 - Marcus Ball - Another court case for LYING IN POLITICS?

May 23, 2021

In Part 1 we heard what decided Marcus to tackle lying in politics, from ALL parties.

In Part 2, he talks about the devastation of the High Court throwing the case out after less than 24 hours deliberation, what keeps him going, and what is coming in 2021!

You can follow him on Twitter @marcusjball to see the story continue.


#21 - Part 1 - Marcus Ball Private Prosecutor - Taking the UK PM to court!

#21 - Part 1 - Marcus Ball Private Prosecutor - Taking the UK PM to court!

May 17, 2021

How many people at the age of 26 would decide to take the Prime Minister of the UK to court for lying?!

Many of us disagree with things that happen around us but how many of us decide to do something other than moan?

Listen to the first part of my interview with Marcus Ball who as a non-lawyer, took a private prosecution in 2019 against one of the most influential politicians in the world.

To follow his progress and look out for his documentary, find him on Twitter




#20 - Leadership Transition

#20 - Leadership Transition

May 10, 2021

Think back to when you moved to be a leader of a new team; a new organisation; a new political party maybe, like Jeremy Corbyn to Keir Starmer.

How do you wish the previous leader had acted?

When it comes to you passing on the baton, this podcast is for people wanting to leave well....

Here is the link to John McCain's speech making way for Barack Obama in 2008, which I mention as one of the best examples of a person putting party and country over personal interest.

#19 - Don’t just survive - THRIVE says Denise Clarke

#19 - Don’t just survive - THRIVE says Denise Clarke

May 3, 2021

Are you living a stressful life?

Surrounded by negative messages?

Taking no time for yourself?

What happens when it all catches up and turns into a DISEASE?

I am very grateful to this week's guest, Denise Clarke, for trusting me with her story which only her family and close friends knew until now.  I met her a few months after her first diagnosis of an inoperable tumour. 

How we lead ourselves in times of crisis is an indication of character and I invited her to share how she took control of her life and walked towards joy.

She now uses her experience and psychotherapy training to prevent others going down the same path.


TED Talk Rangan Chatterjee - How to make diseases disappear

Action for Happiness - location of groups. (Click on the map to join next session in Luxembourg 11 May.)

Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yoganand

Musician - Fia

Love, Medicine and Miracles - Bernie Siegel

#18 - Vulnerability - The human way to connect

#18 - Vulnerability - The human way to connect

April 26, 2021

I was asked a question about vulnerability in a the Aspiring Leaders group last week.  In particular, is it ok to be vulnerable in every profession?

If you have not listened to the 2011 Ted Talk on the subject by the fabulous Brene Brown, I recommend it.

If Leadership is influence, then we cannot influence anyone if we don't first connect. Showing our true selves and being vulnerable is the way to that connection.

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